The Artists

Jo Keeling

Jo studied art and design at Brighton College of Technology and then achieved a BA Hons Fine Art Painting at the University of Northumbria. She enjoyed an exchange visit to Karelia in Finland and since then her work has remained primarily concerned with the feelings evoked when immersed in a vast expanse of space - the humble realisation of being merely a speck within the whole scheme of things. In her paintings she aims to create worlds other than her own, through which to travel and explore, to remind us of another universe – as she would say “when faced with nature’s superior force we are reminded of our own vulnerability”. There is a strong geological influence to her work from her long held interest in the subject. Particular materials – metal powders, varnishes, abrasives, gloss, emulsion, and oil paints – are chosen to combine and react with each other to produce their own organic effects. Sadly, Jo died in 2005 aged 27. After expenses, proceeds from the sale of Jo’s work benefit a charitable fund managed by her parents, David and Maggie.